Why Bulldogs are so Costly?

Why are the English bulldogs so expensive?....Such a commonly asked question. On this page I will try to help you understand. Keep in mind 1-4 puppies is considered a normal litter size. 

  Lets start with what is involved in breeding these wonderful dogs, and remember if no one bred them there would be none of these wonderful dogs left to welcome into our family!

   Before a reputable breeder will breed they are on the hunt for Bitch that is best for breeding. One with great bloodlines,  health, temperament,  and conformation.This its self is a chore and costly.

   If you have not bred your self your own breeding female you will buy yourself one. They can run for $2500 to well over $5000 depending on the bloodlines.  Now that we have found "the one"  that we think is perfect, we raise her till she is 2 and on her second or third heat cycle it is time to breed her. Now the real expenses start.

    When she is about 8 to 10 days into her cycle, we go to the vet to get her progesterone level checked. They draw blood and send this out to the lab. This test tells us where she is in her cycle and if she is ovulating.This test runs between $75.00 to $120.00 generally. Now if the number is too low it has to be repeated along with the expense.

   If you don't own your own stud by this time you have researched and found a couple you like and are now calling to bring her over for a date or to have the semen shipped into your vet for an AI, Transcervical, or a Surgical Implant since Bulldogs do not breed naturally. Well here are a few more expenses, stud service runs anywhere from $500.00 to $800.00 on average although  it can run even more. Once she is 'ready' by indication of your Progesterone Tests, you choose one of the three options above to inseminate her with, depending on your chosen option this could run $150- $450.  The vet will recommend doing two breedings to make sure she is covered, so multiply your above cost by 2. 

   Now our girls gestation period is 63 days, and by day 30 you are ready to go in for a sonogram to make sure she is pregnant. Hopefully she took, if she did not all the money you have laid out is gone and you will need to repeat the process on her next cycle. But in this case we are lucky and we have found out ...We're gonna have bully babies!!!!!These test run about $70 to $150.00.

   Well after our confirmation we schedule her c/section.Yep bulldogs have c/sections they do not normally whelp on there own. So here is a major expense this will range from $500.00 to $1800.00.

   The big day is here time to go in and have some babies.We have anxiously awaited this day. Time to make sure you have your heating disk, box, and lots of blankets to bring the new babies home. Crank up the heat they must be kept warm.Temperature is a very important factor. Plug in the heat lamp also. This means utility bills go up. Its also the start of a whole new life for you.

   Its time to prepare yourself for some tiring weeks ahead.You would think you had a litter of newborn babies.You bring the babies home and place them on mom sitting there the whole time making sure everyone  is latching on and getting full bellies and once there done get your baby wipes ready its time to potty the puppies.Yes you must stimulate them to potty. Now its time to put the puppies to bed in there little basket.You have 2 hours before you start this process again.

   English bulldog puppies are not raised solely by mom in fact you do more work than mom until there about 4-5 weeks. Bulldogs are very clumsy and with there build they may fall on a puppy or lay on it and not even know it.

   Well night is nearing and its time to set thee alarm yep feedings are every two hours around the clock.

   Puppies aren't even 24 hrs old and we already have a load of blankets laundry to do,  everyday we are going through more and more blankets before you know it your washing 2-3 loads a day. As we all know not even laundry soap is cheap anymore we must add the softener for soft blankets for the new babies and a tad of bleach in the wash to kill any germs.

   Once puppies hit 2 wks we start doing our feedings every 3 hours. At 5 wks puppies are finally sleeping through the night.

   At 5 wks we start introducing puppy food in between feedings and when using a good quality food this isn't so cheap either. More expenses on way almost time to vaccinate. Puppies leave with at least 2 sets of shots and have been dewormed several times. Also add another $30.00 to $40.00 forAKC litter registration. A breeder can plan on spending between $2000- $5000 to just get a litter on the ground. So after all the expenses and time put into this beautiful hand raised breed the price isn't so expensive after all. 





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