Lazy D's Lulu

Sire: Lazy D's Cactus Jack
Dam: Lazy D's Georgia
Whelped: 10/4/2007

Lulu just under 4 years old


Lulu is our first Bulldog....we were told Bulldogs are addictive and like potato chips, you just cannot have one. I am here to tell you that statement is very TRUE. Bitten by the Bulldog bug we have been totally taken with the breed. We went on to breeding her and that is where we got our Kaigan Bulldog Foundation Bitches: Kaigan's Sweet Georgia Pie,  Kaigan's Alabama Whorley, Kaigan's 38 Special Grubbly Bubbly and Kaigan's Coooperz Welcome to the Jungle. Lulu has passed on excellent traits to her offspring. Several of her puppies are currently in the show ring persuing their Championships and Grand Championships. Lulu is currently retired from our breeding program and loves helping to  raise her grand kids and mastiff step grand kids!!


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Lazy D's Cactus Jack

 Sir Jasper Lamcote

CH Saltforks Big Jake
Church's Victoria
Lazy D ( Lilo) Infinity Simply Bronson
Four Acres' Millie


 Lazy D's Georgia

LazyD's General George Patton Infinity Simply Bronson
Four Acre's Millie
Shadowland Lazy D Bonnie Ch. Rocket City's Ambush
Her Majesty's Royal Azlyn




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