At Kaigan Kennels We feed:

Life's Abundance 

an All life stage dog food.

Want to know Why????

Many of the ingredients in our pet food today causes a shorter life span due to the ingredients that cause stress on their kidney and liver functions which include; wheat, corn, and soy.  These are also major allergens to our pets.

By-products such as chicken heads, duck bills, fish heads, chicken and turkey feet, bones and diseased & contaminated slaughterhouse meat can also be included in our pet foods!  BHA, BHT, which harms our dog’s liver and kidneys and are known carcinogens.  As well as Ethoxyquin, which is used to stabilize rubber can also be used.  All these chemicals are added to provide a longer shelf life, for months, even possibly a couple of years.

We are now feeding our dogs Life's Abundance  and raising the puppies on this to ensure a long and healthy life, as well as provide our puppies a healthy start. 

You can order Life’s Abundance and it will be shipped right to your door. 

To Order Use  My Account#: 20178440 under Laurel Copeland

and call: 1-877-378-4562

or visit:

*** you can get my wholesale price if you select auto ship at time of Check out!



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