Breeders of French Bulldog  in  Virginia
Frenchy Breeders in Northern VA

We will have French Bulldog Puppies ready to go just before CHRISTMAS!!!


In  the fall 2014 we received our first French Bulldog, and shortly there after our second. Although new to the French Bulldog Breed it did not take long for us to fall in love and start making plans for our future Champions. Our crew has gone from 2 to 5. We have 3 planned breeding for 2016. We are very excited about incorporating this breed into our Kennel. 

Kaigan Kennels is proud to present:
GVW Zero Ground Clearance
" Twinkie"
Pictured at 4 months here


Kaigan Kennels is proud to present:
GVW Side Slip

Cedarbar Kaigan's Destiny
" Dezi"

 Our Studs
Cedarbar's Jaguar

Kaigan's Boomer



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