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Over the past 6 or seven years one recurring question we get wether it is from pet owners, or breeders is what do you feed your dogs, and what supplements do you give.  That has not always been an easy answer. 
In the vast world  of a seemingly endless pool of dog food and nutrition supplement options we have found what  naturally works best for our multiple breeds.

As you know not all nutrition is developed the same, and what works for some doesn't always work for others, we have been known to try just about anything  through the years to get the desired results we seek, wether is it coat, muscle definition, digestion support,  or reproductive support. 

We were finally introduced to a company who has made a large difference in the goals we have set in what we sought after for our natural  nutrition and supplementation goals. 

Below is a link for you to follow, this company has truly made a  difference  naturally in the quality of life for our dogs and our puppies. 

Kaigan Kennels Natural Pet Supply



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